A very funny and insightful memoir about making a career in film. . .

. . . including two decades at LucasFilm's Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects studio founded by George Lucas.

Bill worked on some of the most celebrated and popular movies and franchises of past decades, like . . .

- Stars Wars (Return of the Jedi)

- Jurassic Park

- Star Trek

- Saving Private Ryan

- Schindler's List

- Forrest Gump. . . & many more

If there was an inner sanctum to big time motion picture making outside Hollywood, LucasFilm was the epicenter.

What was it like to work there as one of those names in that endless list of credits at the end of major motion pictures?

Why did the innovations there happen in Marin County, California, not New York or Los Angeles?

Wasn’t Hollywood the motion picture capital of the world?

How did George Lucas, a “D” student from Modesto, California become the biggest director and movie mogul of all time?

And since few of us will ever reach the heights of the famous filmmaker, how can one lead a creative life while still making a good living?